I present – a spacious review of my recent Vipassana sit.
Let it be known: I like to talk and think and act like I’ve got some grasp of wtf’s going on in the world,
or in my own mind,
or before my eyes,
but I don’t.
And that’s fine.
Vipassana for 3 days. Picture this:
– total silence
– no eye contact (essentially ignore) other ppl
– no digital technology
– room to yourself
– barely keeping up with time, because someone else who does rings a bell for you
Perfect retreat for the Hermit, right?
Yes. And it was.
But don’t forget this list:
– 10 hours of sitting upright meditation/day with as few movements as possible
– Concentrating exclusively on the small area below your nose and above your upper lip and how your breath goes in-and-out (called anapana)
– Waking up at 4 am
– No meals after 12 pm
Between the meditation sessions, we’d listen to lectures by S.N. Goenka: the man who chants like if god was a toad and talks simultaneously about how we’re all enslaved by the roots of suffering and destined for liberation.
He teaches the ancient meditation techniques of the Buddha and presents them to students in a 10-day course for the benefit of humanity.
Very key person in the formation of Free.
Goenka: “how can there be peace when there is agitation in the mind?”
Lauren Hill: “how you gon win when you ain’t right within?”
Abuzayed the Free: “I’ve got so much game, it’s almost a drain”
(okay, I know it didn’t fit. Just wanted to quote myself in alongside them otherz)
Equanimity. Calm. Focused. Forgiving.
Sweet mind overwhelmed and backlogged by the excess information and abscesses of wounds untended to, I hear you.
I’ve got your back, and I’m listening.
No, you don’t get to go on a rampage around the meditation hall like a female Wolverine, roaring and destroying everything you see. //for those that know: Kali//
You also don’t get to abuse and punish me for not getting everything right, or for getting distracted, or for your fears that you will be found out as a vulnerable, defenseless, servant of the Truth who forgot Who to bow down to.
I don’t believe my mind is my enemy.
It’s just lost, needs directions, and doesn’t want to admit that it doesn’t know anything.
This weekend was a potent and healing reminder that we are allies to each other in oneness, and the best way to spread peace is by consistently, patiently receiving it from within.
Love you Jah.
So, inre “normal”
From the perspective of a hip-hop artist
– and a female, at that
– and one of Palestinian heritage, at that,
Let it be known:
I have no interest in being normal.
The art I channel is unusual; it’s not “safe” or a for-sure bet.
I express my longing to be One with the Source and I spit rhymes of self-love and eastern philosophy.
I champion devotion to my highest Self over status and the liberation of all beings over separation.
I am unfolding into oneness,
And so,
“I” am dying.
This is my art.
Thank you for supporting.
I mean, shiii—if you read this far, you a fan if I’ve ever known one.
Or you’re just of an “older” demographic that has the attn span to read something of this length 
My LP gonna drop April 8th 2017.
For more information on Vipassana:
– FYI, everybody has to do a 10-day course before they can do shorter courses, and the closest Dhamma center is outside of Dallas in Kaufman, Tejas.
– Goenka hisself giving a short anapana demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5CJLKTn47k
– US Vipassana centers: https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index
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